Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Theme: Mom's the Word

It's fairly predictable to dedicate May's theme to Mothers, but I didn't just choose it because of Mother's Day. May's theme is mostly inspired by a number of my friends who are either on the cusp of motherhood or have recently welcomed new members to their families. All this excitement made me think of my mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. I can say without exaggeration that I am not the most 'interesting' woman in my family. I'm sure everyone has funny, thoughtful, moving or nostalgic stories about their mother or their experiences as a mother. So that's our theme for May. (You can guess what July's theme is going to be).

The same rules apply to the stories. Write and post as many stories as you would like. I did have a wonderful story submitted to me in April, which I unfortunately couldn't post because of the length (and I never heard back with permission to post it in sections). If you want to write a long story, I suggest writing it in parts (I, II, III) so readers don't have to scroll too much.

I look forward to everyone's stories!

Thank you to everyone who voted on June's theme. We have a winner, "Oh The Places I Have Been."

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