Sunday, March 23, 2008

About These Tales

This is a blog. A blog where people share their stories every month, on a suggested theme. A little bit like an online stage, where you can tell your story in your own voice with your own flare for everyone to delight in. Sure, you could do that on your own blog--but this is more like a gathering.

This is only the first step of where I'd like to go with this blog and eventually, I will be sharing much more. But before any of those visions develop, I need your help and participation. So share your thoughts and words. Tell us your tale. I want to bring people together on this little virtual stage, and shine the spotlight on you.

I will share more soon. Until then, share your stories. We can't wait to hear.

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Mimi said...

Hi, I'm a pretty regular Pajiba reader (which is how I found out about this blog) and I'd really like to help contribute, if this isn't a closed-circle type deal. I'm a fairly competent writer, if that helps.